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Enviro-Care Products markets electronics chemicals & biodegradable cleaners for servicing office equipment.

Our products are second to none in performance and design. Enviro-Care Products is an environmentally sensitive company. We care about you and we care about the environment. We provide environmentally safe chemicals for the care and maintenance of your electronic equipment.

Over the past twenty five years we have built strong and prosperous alliances with some of the world's top equipment manufacturers. E.C.P. provides companies with the means of utilizing effective, state of the art products which are also environmentally friendly. We invite all electronics users and friendly neighborhood technical service departments to do the same.

A trusting relationship with you is our bottom line. As a distributor of electronics chemicals & environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaners we strive for unparalleled sales, service and support in meeting all of our clients service department needs.

We use the safest technology available today without compromise. Anything less would be a gross breach of trust.

Boris Buhot, President,
Enviro-Care Products

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