Enviro-Care Products is proud to sell an 100% environmentally friendly chemical tool line. All but one of our products are made from all natural ingredients and 100% bio-degradable. The product which is not naturally derived is DUST-IT a 100% HFC FREEZER/DUSTER. After years of deliberation, in 1996, E.C.P. began selling compressed air and a circuit chiller in one multi-use container, because ECP has never sold CFC or freon based technologies. Manufacturing cleaning products with multiple applications, makes a great deal of sense and that's what we're all about. ( Back in the day, as a service tech, I carried around a CFC based duster that was the exact same ingredient in several other cans being sold by these same chemical comapanies as circuit freeze, contact cleaner, flux remover, and degreasers when one can would have saved the footprint of five).

We also sell refillable containers along side liquid bulk and precision recyclable pumps is economically where it's at. The huge bi-product is that it helps reduce waste and helps renew our natural resources, while extending your bottom line. Becoming environmentally responsible isn't only the right thing to do, it's also easy to justify. ECP is ready to provide you with a cost justification if it will help replace any or all of your current chemical cleaning products.

All our products are competitively priced yet formulated with the highest grade of premium chemical ingredients, and our containers meetv and exceed all transport compliances.

We started in the field and understand the pressures associated with every emergency service call, or fulfilling each preventative maintenance visit you undertake. The last thing you need to worry about is your chemicals. How they smell up an office, or the liability of leaving that bottle with your customer in hope that they will fix the next call themselves. We encourage our customers to re-sell any products we provide to their customer base, and feel rest assured that each item is labelled for comercial use. So if you believe that E.C.P. can help by creating, modifying or replacing any product you currently consider untrustworthy then we'd love to hear from you and appreciate the opportunity to talk about our small yet mighty chemical tool line. We like to think of ourselves as the company which formulates chemicals from the Technician up and not the chemical industry down.

If you would like to buy our products locally then contact us. We encourage helping out the local economy and setting up new dealers in the process.

100% guarantee on the sale of all our products against manufacturer defect. Plus, if it doesn't work the way you expect it to work then we will give you your money back and any transport related costs. We just need a written explanation. I appreciate your time to navigate this web site. If you have comments or questions with our products or web site please contact me personally at boris@enviro-careproducts.com

Yours sincerely,

Boris Buhot

Computer Science Engineering Technologist

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