Air Duster & Component Freeze

Part # 71030 300gr/10.6oz Sexton Dome
w / Pressure Release Device
  Includes applicator straw and lock. Compared to a 10oz/282gr container, DUST-IT is like getting a free can out of every 17.
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  • 100% first generation 1,1,1,2 tetrafluoroethane/HFC/134a
  • 0% ODP, non-toxic
  • 100% non-flammable
  • 0% residue
  • Use Dust-it for all Photographic and Darkroom applications.
  • When it comes to safety we have spared no expense.
  • Each container of DUST-IT has been pressure tested.
  • Transport ready in U.S. and Canada as a consumer commodity.
  • Unfortunately valves have been overlooked when the department of transport hands out permits for equivalent levels of safety. Lucky for everyone, we haven't. Our valves are pressure rated to exceed standard aerosol 2p and 2q configurations.
  • DUST-IT comes with a trigger lock which prevents accidental discharge during transport.
  • Component freeze and Dusters have the same ingredients, refrigerants. So why did I have to carry around a can to clean contacts, dust, deflux, degrease and freeze during my tenure in the field when they all contained the same ingredient?
  • DUST-IT can be used upside down for use as a Component Freeze. Chill components to -58F/-50C and troubleshoot heat saturated open circuits. ECP is proud to sell multi purpose products for several applications. It reduces waste, time, space in the kit and money. You'll hear it here first. "Don't buy compressed air if you can carry around a small vacuum and blower. Also get yourself an in house compressor for your bench applications, it just might pay for itself sooner than you think. CFC and HCFC Have never been sold by E.C.P

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